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Trilingual Education:
Sign Language, Spanish, English

by Kathee & Ben Christensen
1st Edition, 2nd Printing

Trade Paperback Binding
ISBN-10 : 0916304701
ISBN-13 : 978-0916304706

Pages: 72 / $16.25 
Published 1985; Revised 2nd printing 2020

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Using a series of clear exercises and diagrams, this illustrated manual provides a basic tool for interchange among users of three different languages: spoken English, spoken Spanish, and American Sign Language. SDSU Professors (and noted educators, scholars, and writers), Kathee and Ben Christensen authored this book to facilitate the communication of clear concepts between Spanish speaking parents and their deaf children. Using a series of clear exercises and diagrams, it provides a basic tool for interchange among users of three different languages: spoken English, spoken Spanish, and American Sign Language. Originally published in 1985.

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Mii Anmak Nyamak Kweyiwpo: Jwanya Kumiai Kuwak / Footsteps From the Past into the Future Kumeyaay Stories of Baja California

Lead Author: Margaret Field, American Indian Studies, SDSU | Collaborators: Zeferina Aldama Cuero, Jovita Aldama Machado, Aurora Meza Calles, Emilia Meza Calles, Jon Meza Cuero, Ana Daniela Leyva, Amy Miller, Michael Wilken Robertson, and Gerardo Chavez

New from SDSU Press: The first of its kind--a trilingual anthology of Kumeyaay literature in three languages: Kumeyaay, Spanish, and English. Footsteps From the Past into the Future: Kumeyaay Stories of Baja California breaks news ground in a project initiated by SDSU Professor of American Indian Studies Dr. Margaret Field in collaboration with local storytellers, educators, researchers, and translators.

$14.95  ISBN 9781938537844

Advance Word on: Mii Anmak Nyamak Kweyiwpo: Jwanya Kumiai Kuwak / Huellas del pasado hacia el future : Cuentos kumiai de baja california / Footsteps From the Past into the Future: Kumeyaay Stories of Baja California
A Trilingual Collection In Kumeyaay, Spanish, & English

"This wonderful trilingual collection of Kumeyaay Texts / Kumiai Textos is a delight for all concerned with Indigenous oral literature. Traditional stories such as these were told within families to instruct and entertain and this collection now makes them available to heritage language communities on both sides of the border as well as to students of verbal art and the oral tradition. In a rapidly transforming world, it is especially important to document and preserve these fascinating stories, so that they can continue to serve as resources for community identity and nation-building for these groups, and as subjects of scholarly research."

Paul V. Kroskrity, Author of Regimes of Language:
Ideologies, Polities, and Identities, Anthropology, UCLA

"This is an exceptional work, giving us a glimpse of the voices, the artistry, of five Kumeyaay narrators in Kumeyaay with translations into Spanish and English making these voices available for future generations of Kumeyaay. The importance of this book will be felt for years to come."

Anthony K. Webster, Author of The Sounds of Navajo
Poetry: A Humanities of Speaking, Anthropology, UT, Austin


Prolific prof Frederick Luis Aldama's latest full-color opus Latinx Comic Book Storytelling: An Odyssey by Interview (Amatl Comix #2) features over 100 full-color comic illustrations and captures, via delicious interviews, the next wave in the history of sequential art, with Latinx cartoonist superheroes remaking the space of comics, comix, & graphic narrative, and, simultaneously, changing the pace/face (faster, browner) of art history in the process!

Advance critical raves!

The US comic’s scene is evolving—along with the rest of the culture—slowly, sometimes painfully, but inexorably towards a greater diversity of readers & creators, of new styles & stories. This book gives us a series of intimate conversations with several generations of Latin@ cartoonists (diverse themselves in their backgrounds and interests) juggling craft and art with heritage and language. These pioneers have their noses to their drawing boards and tablets but they keep their eyes on the larger significance of their work.

—Matt Madden, author of 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style

In this timely and transformative collection of interviews, Aldama brings to life the stories, achievements, and creative process of 29 Latino—and Latina!—comic book artists. Jettisoned to new heights of exploration, this vertiginous journey opens us to a world of breathtaking visual-verbal creativity and the embrace of a resplendently diverse and eager community of readers. 

—Jan Baetens, University of Leuven, co-author recently of The Graphic Novel: An Introduction

Aldama stretches open a new space of critical thinking about Latinidad and comics in the 21st century. As a living lightning rod, Aldama captures then spins out anew psionic thunderbolts of intellectual and creative insight offered by today’s Latino comic book storytellers. 

—Ana Merino, The University of Iowa and author of Chris Ware: La secuencia circular and El cómic hispánico

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