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San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus, has a joint agreement with the Press of the Autonomous University of Baja California in the Mexican border capitol of Mexicali, B.C. Under this agreement, the Binational Press/Editorial Binacional was founded in 1987 to co-publish works that deal with issues related to the U.S./Mexican border. These works feature writing by new, emerging, and established Mexican and U.S. writers who deal in some way with border experience. What makes this venture unique is that it is simultaneously regional and international and supports the mutual sharing of all editorial and production responsibilities by members of these institutions, made possible by their close proximity and participation in a common border culture. To reflect these interests, each volume presents works originating in both English and Spanish along with their translations into the other language.

Artes plasticas en la frontera Mexico / Estados Unidos --

Visual Arts on the U.S./Mexican Border edited by Harry Polkinhorn, Rogelio Reyes, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz  | ISBN: 0-916304-93-0  Paper / Pages: 170 / $12.50 Illustrated  (1991)

This title will fill a gap in border scholarship, most of which has dealt with issues in the social and physical sciences. Art historian Shifra Goldman discusses the growth of the Border Arts Workshop and matters related to the reception of Central American visual art in the U.S. Performance artist and critic Guillermo Gómez Peña offers an autobiographical account of a Mexican artist who crosses the border into the U.S. (California), where perceptions become truly bicultural/binational. Conceptual artist and social activist Felipe Ehrenberg gives a summary of contemporary visual arts tendencies in Baja California. Critic Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz presents a reading of border art from a Mexican perspective.

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Bodies beyond Borders: Dance on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Harry Polkinhorn, et al., eds. (translated by Luz Mercedes López Barrera and Harry Polkinhorn)
Paper/ Pages: 324 pages; $20 plus shipping/handling
ISBN 968-7326-19-0
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This collection of interviews, articles, and essays presents a variety of evaluations of the state of dance on the U.S.-Mexico border as seen by critics, dancers, and choreographers from both sides. The sixth in the Binational Press border series (SDSU Press/UABC Press), Bodies beyond Borders contains work by Patricia Cardona, César Delgado Martínez, Sergio Gómez Montero, Victcoria Hamilton, Jean Isaacs, Luz Mercedes López Barrera, Maxine Mahon, Harry Polkinhorn, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz, and Marylou Valencia.

Border Lives: Personal Essay on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Harry Polkinhorn, et al., eds. (translated by Tomàs Di Bella and Harry Polkinhorn) Border Lives explores the living, changing genre of the personal essay as it is being practiced along the U.S.-Mexico border. The seventh in the Binational Press border series (SDSU Press/UABC Press), Border Lives contains work by James Bradley, David Clayton, JoséManuel Di Bella, Carlos Fabián Saravia, Emily Hicks, Ramona Mejía, William A. Nericcio, Harry Polkinhorn, Leobardo Saravia Quiroz, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz 1995 | Trade paperback: 680 pages; illustrated ISBN 968-7326-43-3; $25 plus shipping/handling OR $14.95 plus shipping direct from AMAZON.COM
Open Signs: Language and Society on the U.S.-Mexico Border
edited by Harry Polkinhorn, Rogelio Reyes, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz
ISBN: 1-879691-20-5
Paper / Pages: 310 / $17.50

The proceedings of the First Binational Symposium (1992) on language-use issues on the U.S.-Mexico border, this volume brings together studies by Margarita Hidalgo, Horacio González, Jesús Becerra Villegas, Santos Carrasco Arellanes, Thomas S. Donahue, and Gerardo López Cruz. Subjects covered include theoretical treatments of bilingualism, the political and social implications of American language policies in the borderlands, and how bilingual children develop literacy skills.

The Flight of the Eagle: Poetry on the U.S.-Mexico Border
edited by Harry Polkinhorn, Rogelio Reyes, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz
ISBN: 1-879691-21-3
Paper / Pages: 270 / $17.50

This title gathers representative works of four U.S. and four Mexican border poets. Authors include (from Mexico) Alfredo Espinosa, Alejandro Aguilar Zeleny, Juan Antonio Di Bella, and Jorge Ortega, and (from the U.S.) Ramón García, Jayne Relaford Brown, Sarai Austin, and José Montalvo.

The Line: Essays on Mexican/American Border Literature
edited by Harry Polkinhorn, Rogelio Reyes, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz
ISBN: 0-916304-92-2
Paper: / Pages: 192 / $10.00

This publication contains studies by U.S. and Mexican scholars on the subject of border literature, which is explored through sociological, formal, and theoretical treatments that allow the reader a truly binational perspective. Each essay is presented bilingually. In addition, the editors have prepared separate introductions in English and Spanish, also translated.

U.S./Mexican Border Literature: Short Stories
edited by José Manuel Di Bella Martínez, Harry Polkinhorn, Rogelio Reyes, Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz
ISBN: 0-916304-97-3
Paper / Pages: 144 / $10.00

This is a companion volume to The Line: Essays on Mexican/American Border Literature. Presented here are short fictions by writers from the U.S. and Mexico. Included are works by Edgar Gómez Castellanos, Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, José Manuel Di Bella Martínez, Margarita Luna Robles, Juan Felipe Herrera, and Sergio Elizondo. These narratives deal with various aspects of border life, including the experiences of Chicanos in different social settings.

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