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Books Titles on the Avant Garde

Zaum: The Transrational Poetry of Russian Futurism (1996; new printing 2016)

Gerald Janecek

Fluxus: The History of an Attitude Paperback (1998; new printing 2015)

Owen F. Smith

Modernism Since Postmodernism: Essays on Intermedia (1997; new printing 2015)

Dick Higgins

Voyage to the end of the word Paperback (1997)

Renato Barilli

In Memoriam to Postmodernism: Essays on the Avant-Pop (1995)

Mark Amerika &
Lance Olsen

Open Signs: Language and Society on the US/Mexico Border (Serie La Linea) (1993)

Rogelio Reyes, Harry Polkinhorn, & Gabriel Trujillo Muņoz, editors